First a Pandemic Wedding, Then A pandemic Baby.

Darcy and Jacks maternity session in my studio was such a special one.

After the roller coaster of a year during covids sweep of the world, these two had had their wedding postponed, finally getting married in the october before restrictions were tightened again. 

2020 and much of 2021 has been a time we will never forget, what an incredible earth shattering moment in history, Jack and Darcy's story brought so much positivity and light from the hearings of struggles and darkness that so many of us have experienced. 

Capturing the moment when the baby was kicking along to the soulful beat of their wedding song was just magical. Jack proved himself to be already the absolute doting dad, lighting up whilst looking at Darcy and tenderly supporting her bump. 

From lovers, to soul mates, to parents. within a year. 

Congratulations guys, you deserve all the wonders that are coming to you! x

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