Southend-on-sea, Essex - Newborn & Maternity photographer.

A glimpse into Emma's wild, beach side maternity session

When Emma contacted me for an outside maternity session, I could tell she had a beautiful soul and spirit, an open book and so giving of herself in the answers to the questionnaire I asked her to fill out. I have no shame in admitting she made me blub a little whilst I read her beautiful words about struggles of motherhood and the joy that overwhelms us.

"..I think sometimes motherhood feels blind. I never know where i am and I don't know what the weather is bringing, sunshine or storms could be around the corner and i am none the wiser. The only thing to do is take it minute by minute and hope the sunshine lasts. To remember the sunshine whilst you try your best to make it through every storm."

Such beautiful and powerful words, that I believe resonates deeply within all of us mothers. I really do value the answers clients give in the questionnaires I send out. Not only do they help me get to know you and your journey better, It also ensures i am leaving you with images that are drenched in your personality. You are one of a kind and i'm here for that!

One of the perks of early morning sunrise sessions is you really do have the beach to yourselves which makes it feel all the more special, our own little piece of tranquility greeted us that morning. The weather had been appalling all week, but we awoke to the most beautiful golden sunrise which perfectly lit Emma, adding that sought after warm glow to complement her stunning hair and complexion. Little Aria was such a trooper having been woken so early, snuggling with her mama, dipping her toes in the sea and collecting shells in between pictures.

Such a wonderful way to start the day, watching the sun come up and bath everyone in its glorious light, taking chilled pictures and breathing in the salty sea air.

Pretty perfect i'd say.

I am brimming with locations to shoot sessions at, so if you are thinking of being a bit more adventurous in your maternity and family sessions (even newborns in these warmer months) please do get in touch, i am an open book for creating some magical memories for you.

Emily x