Essex Maternity Photographer | My why behind maternity photoshoots

Becoming a mother is one of the most challenging phases of our lives. The impending enormity of responsibility that you are on the cusp of discovering, welcoming a new dawn on your-lives. One that is filled with unpredictability, and beauty amongst the times of chaos and joy.

As our lives are shifting, so too do our bodies, in such a short amount of time the difference can be overwhelming. Teamed with pregnant hormonal thoughts, it's no wonder we often balk at the idea of a maternity session. BUT trust me when I say you will never regret having these memories.

We can never for certain say our bodies will be this way again, nurturing and cocooning the most precious love of our lives. The flutters of a turning body inside yours, the kicks, the hiccups, the way your skin has stretched to provide a safe space for your baby that you never imagined possible. It may never be the same as before , because YOU will never be the same as before, you are already a new kind of wonderful.

These images aren't just for YOUR own memories.. Crazy I know, but for the first time in your life becoming pregnant suddenly means your life is no longer just about you. Once that baby is in that gorgeous blossoming belly of yours, this new life is entwined with yours and trust me when I say they will grow up to be curious beings who look in awe at pictures of their mama once pregnant with themselves. Not only is it incredibly fascinating for them but I believe also provides a strong sense of comfort, tightening that already strong bond.


I will always make space for maternity sessions. They have a special part in my soul, mainly because I never had pictures of myself carrying either of my two, I am filled with disbelief after all these years that they ever fitted in this belly of mine.

I do know now though, that the pictures I have of them as newborns makes the dark days of life seem insignificant. The seemingly years of crying out for me for night feeds or cuddles have now passed , along with the memories of these times which are fading.

Photos remind me that these tender moments were all worth it and even though I may not have seen it through the exhaustion at that time, looking back, it was all pretty perfect.

Bond, Breathe and forget about everything else..

Whether you choose a lifestyle inspired studio session or one on location, my goal for all the maternity sessions I do is to make you feel comfortable and confident at this stage in your skin, encouraging you to focus on the connection between you and your growing baby. Think about how you will hold them, sing to them, comfort them, feed them in the long dark nights and quiet moments when it's just the two of you once they are earth-side.

These sessions give you a time to bond, to breathe and forget about everything else. Slow down mama, enjoy this hour that's just for you, you deserve to celebrate this journey into motherhood.

Please do drop me a message below if you are thinking about having a maternity session, have questions?- let me answer them and settle your worries.

Mother - Where life begins and love never ends.

Emily x

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