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How To Prep For A Maternity Photoshoot

Whether this is your first or fifth child, the magic of motherhood never gets old.

Drop me an email around the time of your 20 week scan (or sooner) if you are thinking about a maternity session, then we can set a date for around the 30+ weeks mark.

Pick a location

Wild and barefooted at a beachy location, nestled in long grass or lounging in a wooded glen. All perfect places to capture some soulful intimate pictures surrounded by the freedom of nature. Alternatively, if you are feeling a little more vulnerable, come to my home studio and I will have a simple set up ready for you. Don't forget to tell me your favourite music in the questionnaire I send out and we can work through the session chatting about life, motherhood and listening to songs.

Plan your outfits, the key pieces I recommend are:

1) A maxi dress/skirt, something that flows and creates movement will always look beautiful.

2) An oversized shirt or robe - so versatile, they can be unbuttoned and left open to show a little skin, as well as layered up.

3) A bra-let and bottoms or bikini /bodysuit that allows you to cover up if you feel you need it, whilst still showing your bump.

4) A oversized knit if we are outside

5) Your skin. I want you to see your body and be empowered by it.

Please remember i am always on hand for styling advice and offer pieces for you to use from my client closet at no extra cost.

The day of your session :

What is your one thing you love to spend time on just for you?

Whether that is reading a book in a bath with candles, taking a walk and soaking up the fresh air, yoga etc.. whatever your sacred "you" time looks like, make time for it if possible before your session. This way you will turn up relaxed and feeling your best self.

I will have the studio set up in my Essex based studio or we can meet in a wonderful wilderness close to southend-on-sea. Either way we will create some memories for you to look back on in awe. I can't wait to meet you.



Do you dream of having an experience like this to look back on and remember what an incredible journey you were on?

I'd love to help you feel incredible and tell your story..


Ashleigh Hughes

One of my most magical moments so far being pregnant, millieandbeau... I can't thank you enough for making me feel so comfortable whilst having this session. The photos are incredible and I can't wait for the three of us to return..