What to wear to your maternity, newborn or family photo session.

I'm not trying to be dramatic when I say clothing choices can make or break an image. When you invest in professional photos of yourselves, you want images that capture your true essence, the love that you have for each other and that look as incredible in 30 years time as they do right at the moment they were taken. Styles go in and out of fashion but by carefully selecting what to wear your images don't have to date in the most horrible way!

I'll tell you an embarrassing story of mine. When I was 12 we as a family went to Florida. Amazing right?! and it was. But it was the year that colour changing clothes became fashionable. For some reason, I thought it would be amazing to have colour changing shorts. Not so amazing. In all the photos from one day, my crotch and butt cheeks were basically glowing a bright yellow. Mortifying to a 12-year-old! Teamed with the wet perm and shell suites we all donned (cringe) the photos fully transport us back to the early 90s, and not in a good way! 

Here are my 5 tips to avoid that monstrous style fail whilst looking ( and feeling ) incredible for your photoshoot.


Stick to neutral, natural or earthy tones to create a warm, cosy and timeless aesthetic that slots in beautifully to any shooting environment from woods, to beachy dunes or a home/studio session. 


Be comfortable but make sure you feel wonderful too! Long flowing dresses are perfect for this, not only do they effortlessly skim over the bits of our bodies we may not love so much but they also suit every size and shape whilst adding beautiful movement to your images. 


Pick your outfit first mama, then plan any others who are going to be in the pictures around it. There is no denying that often it's us mums who are the hardest to buy for. So go find that perfect dress and then it will be so much easier to pick complementary outfits for anyone else in the photos. 


Once you have your main outfits down, consider throwing in some bonus accessories or textures to add some depth to your look. Think leather ankle boots, chunky knits to throw on over dresses or wide-brimmed hats.


l will thank you endlessly if you avoid logos, smartwatches (hi spy kid), overbusy patterns, harsh colours and stripes like the plague. These are all a sure-fire way to date an image and make post-editing a nightmare for me.

If you are someone who struggles with styling (you are not alone!) my monthly blog series for styling inspiration might just be for you! I will be putting together some beautiful clothing finds with links, so that you can save time and purchase directly from the store, or use the boards to spark some inspiration when pulling together your own families outfits. Your photoshoot should be as stress free as posible and i am here to help in any way I can.

Emily x