The studio

Filled with warm natural light, neutral linens, earthy tones and a cosy aesthetic.

A calming space is on hand with tea, coffee and baked goods to welcome you, encouraging you to relax into genuine moments of connection.

Siblings are welcome to let of some steam in the garden (spot the horses) or play in the lounge, so there is no need to worry about restlessness creeping in.

What sessions can we have in the studio?


For those of you who perhaps want to show some skin but don't feel comfortable being outside or the English weather is just too cold.

Pick one of the studios robes, bring some oversized shirts, pop on a dress that you love or embrace your natural body and celebrate the journey you are on.


Perfect for all you mamas to spend a couple of hours cuddling and soaking up ALL the newborn hazy bliss.

No need to worry about tidying your house beforehand, just show up as you are and we will create some magic.


Documenting your babies first year is such a lovely memento to look back on. Set ups are kept simple and timeless with my signature boho vibe, the focus being kept on this ever changing stage of their life.

After newborn, the sitter session taken between the 7- 10 month stage is lovely to capture.

Heirloom minis

for those over 1, these sessions are just for the kids and take place at certain times of the year.

A really beautiful keepsake of your kids as they grow. Please drop me a message for the next booking dates for these.


Just you and your little loves. A time to document your bond, all the feels and love that exists between a mother and her child.