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The studio

The studio is in a room in my house, this room has been earmarked for this from the moment I brought the house 11 years ago, I fell in love with the way the natural light falls in here, creating a soft glow and gentle shadows.

Although its a small cottage space, it is laid out perfectly for everything I need for a session. Cosy, neutral linens and natural wood textures combine to create a comforting, welcoming aesthetic.

What sessions can we have in the studio?


For those of you who perhaps want to show some skin but don't feel comfortable being outside or the English weather is just too cold.

Pick one of the studios robes, bring some oversized shirts, pop on a dress that you love or embrace your natural body and celebrate the journey you are on. Perfection exists just as you are now.


Perfect for all you mamas to spend a couple of hours cuddling and soaking up ALL the newborn hazy bliss.

No need to worry about tidying your house beforehand, just show up as you are and we will create some magic that truly reflects this moment in time.